How do I set up Lock Control 2.0 parental controls?

Lock Control 2.0 allows you to disable and password-protect certain features and settings on the Schok Classic basic phone. This function is only available on the Schok Classic, and can be set up by following these steps:

  • From the home screen, go to Menu > Tools & Settings > 3. Lock Control 2.0.
  • Enter a 6-digit password of your choice twice, then select OK.

NOTE: If you forget your password, Charity Mobile is unable to retrieve or reset it for you. Your password can only be removed by performing a factory data reset (if allowed, see below) or by contacting the manufacturer (Schok) directly for assistance.

Your password is required every time Lock Control 2.0 is opened. Once your password has been entered correctly, you will be able to enable or disable certain applications and system settings and/or change your password using the following menu options:

  1. App control (allows you to disable any/all of the applications listed below, all of which are enabled by default)
    • Alarm
    • Browser (used to view web pages)
    • Calculator
    • Camera & Video (used to take pictures and video)
    • Contacts
    • Flashlight
    • File Manager (used to copy files to/from the phone and any inserted memory cards)
    • Gallery (used to view pictures and video)
    • SMS & MMS Messages (used to send and receive text and picture messages)
    • FM Radio
  2. System control (allows you to disable any/all of the settings listed below, most of which are enabled by default)
    • Allow hotspot (allows other devices to share the phone's cellular data connection)
    • Allow reset phone (allows the phone to be factory data reset, which will erase everything on the phone)
    • Allow installing apps (allows additional applications to be installed)
    • Allow Virtual mouse (allows the on-screen cursor to be used in certain apps)
    • Allow WiFi (allows connectivity to the internet via WiFi)
    • Allow Data (allows connectivity to the internet via cellular data)
    • Allow developer mode (allows access to additional device settings, disabled by default)
  3. Change password (requires you to enter your current password in order to change it to a new one)

If you wish to disable all data usage on the phone, we recommend turning off "Browser" under the 1. App control menu, and turning off "Allow hotspot", "Allow installing apps", "Allow WiFi", and "Allow Data" under the 2. System control menu.

In addition, we recommend turning off "Allow reset phone" under the 2. System control menu to prevent unauthorized users from performing a factory data reset on the phone, which will erase everything on the phone, including the password protection. If a factory data reset is performed, the password protection will be removed and all controls will revert to defaults, which will enable data usage again.

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