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SPECIAL OFFER FOR NEW ACTIVATIONS! Mention offer code EASY and get a FREE phone (or $100 OFF any eligible phone) after instant credit, plus FREE activation, FREE shipping, and a FREE Precious Feet pin!

Charity Mobile sends 5% of your plan's monthly price to the Pro-Life, Pro-Family charity of your choice! Together with our loyal customers, we have sent nearly $2 million dollars to charities so far.

With Charity Mobile, there are no device or service contracts, no termination fees, no plan change fees, and no charges for domestic voice roaming! Click here to determine if coverage on America's most reliable network is available in your area.

Our Data Usage Calculator allows you to estimate your monthly data usage per line based on several common web/internet activities. This helps you determine which plan best fits your needs!
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1 line required. Add up to 7 more lines to any plan to create a family plan!
Plan required. All plans include unlimited domestic minutes and messages! Click on any plan below for more details.

Data Restricted

(for 4G/LTE phones only)

per line, per month

Data Enabled

(for 4G/LTE phones/tablets and 5G phones)

per line, per month

500 MB
per month

2 GB
per month

8 GB
per month

15 GB
per month

24 GB
per month

Plan prices do not include taxes and surcharges, or any additional services or discounts. All minutes, messages, and data are shared among all lines added to any plan where applicable. Data Restricted Lines restrict mobile data usage except for multimedia messages (MMS), network updates, operating system updates, and device activation. Data Enabled Lines allow all mobile data usage. Customer is responsible for all data usage on all lines (Data Restricted and Data Enabled). All data usage exceeding the allotted data is billed at 3¢ per MB. Data Enabled lines are required for all tablets and 5G phones.


Charity Mobile offers low rates on international calls and messages from the United States, and also offers international roaming so that you can use your cell phone for calls, messaging, and data (where available) while traveling outside the United States!

You must speak with a Charity Mobile representative at least 24 hours prior to leaving the United States in order to enable international roaming on your cell phone, and to determine if your cell phone has international roaming capability where you will be traveling. Services are subject to availability, and coverage may not be available in all areas.

International calling and messaging from the United States can be enabled on any/all lines in the
My Account portal. Alternately, please call us toll-free at 1-877-474-3662, chat with us using our Live Chat, or e-mail us at!

Terms and conditions apply. Services are subject to availability and require a credit check and minimum credit score. Data usage of 25 GB or more will result in mobile data access being throttled for the remainder of the billing cycle. Plans include incoming international calls and messages within the United States only and do not include any outgoing international minutes, messages, and/or data.

To get additional information about any of our plans, or to purchase a device, please call us toll-free at 1-877-474-3662, chat with us using our Live Chat, or e-mail us at!

Instant credit is available to new activations and eligible accounts only and applies to the full prices of eligible phones purchased from Charity Mobile only. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Precious Feet is a trademark and brand of Heritage House '76, Inc.