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Why isn't all of the internal storage available on my cell phone?

All cell phones reserve a portion of the internal storage for the operating system and other preinstalled software. As a result, this decreases the amount of internal storage available for use. The amount of available internal storage varies by cell phone model, depending on the type and amount of software preinstalled by the manufacturer.

Certain cell phone models support removable microSDHC memory cards, which allow the amount of available storage to be expanded. These cell phone models can be configured to save specific types of files (such as music, pictures, and videos) to the memory card instead of the internal storage. The maximum supported size (in gigabytes) of memory cards varies by cell phone model. Consult your cell phone's user guide for more information.

Charity Mobile offers a 32 GB microSDHC Memory Card that is compatible with any of our current cell phones that support microSDHC memory card expansion.

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